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Perpetually bridging innovation across industries in the ever-changing global shift requires observance and balanced direction to make the best out of choices made during the journey forward.


About Us

Bellatrix For Real Estate Development is a property development and construction company focused on opportunities within it’s local domicile and overseas, mainly Dubai in UAE. The company’s objective is to better reap the benefits of ongoing and future opportunities of the real estate sector through applying adaptive and innovative approaches to meet the best expectations possible. By accounting for the new, fast-changing global geoeconomics and it’s new born variables; integrating with conventional requirements for decision making is, and will always be a continuous challenge; giving a better chance towards a brighter future ahead.


Bellatrix Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

The hotel will offer suites and rooms for investment through having a locked period of profit rights with attractive return on investment rates. With the exquisite performance of the hospitality sector and the economy in general in the United Arab Emirates

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