Bellatrix signs with INSIGNIA

Bellatrix signs with INSIGNIA

Bellatrix for Real Estate Development LLC, the development arm of Arthur Mackenzy Group Investment & Commercial Management LLC, signed with INSIGNIA, a global financial solutions provider for ultra high net worth individuals worldwide, to embark, the first of its kind collaboration with a property developer in Dubai, an amazing product to its network’s global clients, setting a new norm to multi parallel collaboration to achieve a mutual purpose.


At Insignia, imagining the incredible starts by asking the impossible.

This is where we begin.

Because we believe the quality of a question transcends its answer, inspiring us to decode aspirations to design distinct places, spaces and experiences.

Whether it’s reimagining a national coastal highway into a journey through time, transforming an island into a whole new season on the global yachting calendar or rejuvenating a forgotten industrial zone into a venue for global dialogue about Arabian art.

We craft new realities at the intersections of strategy and storytelling, by challenging what is humanly possible and creating what is Impossibly Human.

This is the space between possibility and imagination, cradling human ingenuity, crafting new paradigms, conceiving the future of aspirational places and experiences.

It generates solutions that are intrinsically human, that connect cultures, engage communities and encourage commerce.


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