Bellatrix signs with SBK Properties

Bellatrix signs with SBK Properties

Bellatrix for Real Estate Development LLC, the development arm of Arthur Mackenzy Group Investment & Commercial Management LLC, appointed SBK Properties as its Exclusive representative to manage the sales and marketing operations after completing all the requirements from the relevant authorities. With their vast network of property management, brokerage, marketing, hospitality chain and multinational expertise, they have managed to achieve an impeccable record in the United Arab Emirates and abroad. Under the leadership of Mr. V. A. Hussein, Chairman, Mr. Shahid Hussein, Vice Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Abouzaid, Managing Director; the company is achieving a very impressive record in the industry.

About SBK Properties

SBK Properties is one of the leading companies in the UAE, being a part of a larger group managing over 385 buildings and operating a fully-owned hospitality chain in Dubai & India; it managed to successfully achieve sustainable growth over the years. Headed by Mr. V. A. Hassan, a visionary who started incorporating his conglomerate since the 90’s in Dubai, the group continues to expand its verticals and achieve more success.

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